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We are a family operated company specializing in handcrafted luxury soaps and skin loving products.  We love to create and share exciting new products made with simple natural ingredients. Each natural ingredient is selected for it's moisturizing, skin penetrating, and anti-aging effects. Our products are packed with skin nourishing vitamins and anti-oxidants beneficial to all skin types. Our products will improve the condition and texture of your skin.  Your skin will love you.

Our soaps are made through a process called saponification. Saponification was first used by ancient Sumerians some 5000 years ago when they mixed animal fats with alkaline ash powder. The first soaps were used for cleaning wool and cooking utensils rather than personal hygiene.

We now  have hundreds of oils and butters to choose from when blending soaps.  Each oil nourishes your skin with vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants that alleviate free radical damage. 

Aromatherapy is good for the soul. Relax and unwind to essential and fragrance oils wafting through the air when you try our deliciously fragranced products.   We specialize in artisan soaps, fizzy foamy fragrant bath bombs, hand crafted facial, skin and hair products, and body sprays including DEET free insect repellant. 

At SudsCo, we believe Simple is Best.

Giving back: 

As a small family company we know the importance of community.  We are committed to our community and reserve a percentage of our products for disadvantaged or homeless persons.

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